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 ====== External Programs Section ====== ====== External Programs Section ======
-FIXME+This module provide the "​External Programs"​ (doors) menu for the [[:​server:​Terminal]] server users. 
 +===== Install ===== 
 +This module is normally installed in stock command shells by default, but to install into a command shell, replace the line(s) in  ''​[[dir:​exec]]/​*.src'':​ 
 +  xtrn_section 
 +  exec_bin xtrn_sec 
 +and then recompile with [[util:​Baja]] or just run the [[module:​update]] module.
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[:​module:​|module index]]   * [[:​module:​|module index]]

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