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 ====== External Programs Section ====== ====== External Programs Section ======
-This module ​provide ​the "​External Programs"​ (doors) menu for the [[:​server:​Terminal]] server users.+The ''​xtrn_sec.js'' ​module ​provides ​the "​External Programs"​ (doors) menu for the [[:​server:​Terminal]] server users.
 ===== Install ===== ===== Install =====
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   ​   ​
 and then recompile with [[util:​Baja]] or just run the [[module:​update]] module. and then recompile with [[util:​Baja]] or just run the [[module:​update]] module.
 +===== Usage =====
 +The normally expected usage is just to invoke ''​xtrn_sec.js''​ with no arguments. If, however, you wish to have the module skip the menu of external program sections and go directly to the menu of available programs within one specific section, pass the internal-code of the desired program section section as and argument to ''​xtrn_sec.js''​.
 +Example (Baja):
 +<code Baja>
 +exec_bin xtrn_sec games
 +Example (JavaScript):​
 +<code JavaScript>​
 +load('​xtrn_sec.js',​ '​games'​);​
 +===== Configure ===== 
 +The ''​xtrn_sec''​ module supports the following configuration options in the ''​[xtrn_sec]''​ section of the ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]/​[[config:​modopts.ini]]''​ file:
 +^ Option ​              ^ Default ^ Description ^
 +| multicolumn ​         | true  | Use a multiple-column program list when there are more than 10 items |
 +| sort                 | false | Re-sort (alphabetically) the list of programs and program sections before displaying to the user |
 +| autoexec ​            | false | Automatically execute a section'​s program when there is only one program available within that section |
 +| clear_screen_on_exec | false | Clear the screen before executing any/all programs |
 +| eval_before_exec ​    ​| ​      | Evaluate the specified JavaScript expression //before// executing any/all programs |
 +| eval_after_exec ​     |       | Evaluate the specified JavaScript expression //after// executing any/all programs |
 +===== Fonts ===== 
 +This module uses the ''​[[custom:​javascript:​lib:​fonts.js]] library''​ and [[config:​fonts.ini]] file to optionally load door-specific fonts before executing an external program and restore the default font upon returning from the external program.
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
-  * [[:module:|module index]]+  * [[:module:|Modules]] 
 +{{tag>​doors fonts javascript}}

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