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-====== Synchronet ​Inter-BBS Instant Message ​Module ​====== +====== ​Instant Message ====== 
 +The Synchronet ​Instant Message module is used to provide a real-time inter-BBS instant message feature for participating systems. 
 +This module is normally invoked from the [[chat_sec|"​Chat"​ menu]] or from the [[:​module:​PrivateMsg]] module with the '​I'​ key. 
 +===== Install ===== 
 +==== Chat Menu ==== 
 +If you're using the default ''​[[chat_sec]]''​ menu module, you should already have it installed on that menu (the ''​I''​ command key). 
 +==== Global Hotkey ==== 
 +To get access to instant-message module from virtually //​anywhere//​ within the BBS (e.g. using Ctrl-P), install the (new) [[:​module:​PrivateMsg]] module in SCFG->​System->​Loadable Modules->​Private Msg (the default, ''​privatemsg'',​ should be all you need): 
 +  Private: (T)elegram, (M)essage, (C)hat, (I)nterBBS, or (Q)uit: 
 +==== Logon Event ==== 
 +To display a list of currently active users (on other inter-BBS instant message capable systems) during user-logon, add an external program to [[util:​SCFG]]->​External Programs->​Online Programs->​Main (or your section of choice)->​Available Online Programs... and configure as follows: 
 +Name                       ​Synchronet IMSG List 
 +Internal Code              SBBSIMSG 
 +Command Line               ?​sbbsimsg -l 
 +Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes 
 +Execute on Event           ​Logon,​ Only 
 +Pause After Execution ​     Yes 
 +BBS Drop File Type         ​None 
 +All other settings can be left with their default values (No/​None/​blank). 
 +===== History ===== 
 +History of this module/​feature:​ 
 +==== Original (2001) ==== 
 +  * Queried systems using Finger (TCP port 79) 
 +  * Sent message using SMTP-SOML (TCP port 25) 
 +==== Rev 1.11 (2002) ==== 
 +  * Queried system using both TCP and UDP-Finger (port 79) 
 +  * Still sent messages using SMTP-SOML 
 +==== Rev 1.22 (2007) ==== 
 +  * Queried using SYSTAT/​ActiveUser protocol (TCP & UDP port 11) in addition to Finger (TCP and UDP port 79) 
 +  * If send via SMTP failed, used MSP protocol (TCP port 18) 
 +==== Rev 1.25 (2009) ==== 
 +Removed Finger (both TCP and UDP support), SYSTAT-TCP and SMTP support, so it now *only*: 
 +  * Queries using SYSTAT/​ActiveUser protocol over UDP port 11 
 +  * Sends messages using MSP (TCP port 18) 
 +So, while **originally** the requirements for systems to participate in the instant-message network were: 
 +  * Synchronet SMTP Server listening on TCP port 25 
 +  * fingerservice.js listing on TCP port 79 
 +**Now**, the requirements are: 
 +  * activeuserservice.js (or fingerservice.js) listening on UDP port 11 
 +  * mspservice.js listening on TCP port 18 
 +===== List File ===== 
 +The heart of the instant message module is the ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]/​sbbsimsg.lst''​ file. 
 +This file is generated daily on [[bbs:​Vertrauen]] and distributed via FTP as [[ftp://​​sbbsimsg.lst]]. 
 +The event module ''​[[dir:​exec]]/​getimsglst''​ is normally run as a timed event (configured in [[util:​SCFG]]->​External Programs->​Timed Events) and used to pull the list file from Vertrauen via FTP, usually daily. 
 +The List File is generated daily on Vertrauen through the use of the ''​[[module:​sbbslist]].js''​ module'​s ''​imsglist''​ command-line option. This sbbslist option parses the Synchronet BBS List and finds listed-systems that meet the minimum requirements to be included in the instant-message list and re-generates the ''​sbbsimsg.lst''​ file. 
 +==== Requirements ==== 
 +Since Vertrauen uses its [[http://​​sbbslist.html|Synchronet BBS List]] as the source of BBSes which may be instant-message capable, the first requirement is that a system is listed in this database. 
 +To have your system listed, either: 
 +  - login to Vertrauen and create your BBS entry or,  
 +  - preferably, run the [[sbbslist]] module on your own BBS and have it synchronized with Vertrauen and the rest of DOVE-Net or FidoNet via the ''​SYNCDATA''​ networked message area 
 +The following services **must** also be reachable via the public-Internet for a system to be listed in the Instant Message ​module List File (''​sbbsimsg.lst''​):​ 
 +  - SYSTAT/​ActiveUser service (using the [[service:​Finger]] service) on UDP port 11 
 +  - MSP service (using the [[service:​MSP]] service) on TCP port 18 
 +This is normally accomplished by adding the following services to a BBS's ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]/​[[config:​services.ini]]''​ file: 
 +<file ini> 
 +Command=fingerservice.js -u 
 +<file ini> 
 +You can use [[http://​​scanmyports.ssjs|this page]] to help determine if the required services are publicly-reachable on your system. 
 +Once a system is listed in the Synchronet BBS List on Vertrauen and the required services are confirmed publicly-reachable on the Internet, that system should appear in the shared ''​sbbsimsg.lst''​ file within 24 hours. 
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
-  * [[:module:|module index]] +  * [[:config:services.ini]] 
-  * [[module:​sbbslist]]+  * [[:module:​sbbslist]] 
 +  * [[:​module:​|Modules]] 
 +  * [[:​service:​finger|Finger Service]] 
 +  * [[:​service:​msp|MSP Service]] 
 +  * [[:​service:​|Services]]
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