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 ===== Install ===== ===== Install =====
-To install the Node List module ​into the Terminal Server as the global hot-key handler (for Ctrl-U), use the following [[util:​JSexec]] command-line: +The ''​nodelist'' ​module ​is now the default value for SCFG->​System->​Loadable Modules->List Nodes and Who'Onlineso it needs no manual installation.
-  jsexec nodelist.js install +
-   +
-To have the Node List module handle your Terminal Server command shell menu options for listing nodes, make sure your installed command shell(s) invoke the "​nodelist"​ module rather than calling an internal nodelist function. See [[http://​​cgi-bin/​viewcvs.cgi/​exec/​default.src?​r1=1.22&​r2=1.23|default.src]] for an example. All the stock command shells ''​[[dir:​exec]]/​*.src''​ have been updated in [[dev:​CVS]]. If you update from CVSyou may need to recompile them by running ''​jsexec [[module:​update]].js''​ +
 ===== Customize =====  ​ ===== Customize =====  ​

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