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 ====== Modules ====== ====== Modules ======
-Synchronet loadable modules, command shells, etc.+Synchronet loadable modules ​are "​in-process"​ executable interpreted scripts.
-{{indexmenu>​.}}+Modules are typically located in the ''​[[dir:​exec]]''​ directory and written in either [[util:​Baja]] (compiled to ''​.bin''​ files) or [[custom:​JavaScript]] (''​.js''​ files). 
 +Modules (written in [[util:​Baja]] or [[custom:​JavaScript]]) are used to provide services to [[:​server:​terminal|Terminal Server]] users via [[:​custom:​command shell|command shells]], editors, games, add-ons, etc. as well as timed and network call-out events for the sysop. 
 +Modules (written in [[custom:​JavaScript]]) may also be used as mail processors with the [[:​server:​mail|Mail Server]], dynamic HTML index file generation with the [[:​server:​ftp|FTP Server]], external content handlers for the [[:​server:​web|Web Server]], CGI and other uses with [[:​util:​JSexec]]. 
 +Source code for modules included with Synchronet is available in [[dev:​CVS]]. 
 +===== See Also ===== 
 +  * [[custom:​|Customization]] 
 +  * [[custom:​Command Shell]] 
 +  * [[util:​|Utilities]] 
 +  * [[service:​|Services]]  
 +{{tag>​javascript baja}}

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