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 (NAT) - the DynDNS server running on [[bbs:​Vertrauen]] uses your correct [[faq:​tcpip#​public IP]] (NAT) - the DynDNS server running on [[bbs:​Vertrauen]] uses your correct [[faq:​tcpip#​public IP]]
 address by default. address by default.
 +==== modopts.ini ====
 +Due to command-line length limits (63 characters),​ you may want to move one or more of the longer command-line options to the ''​[dyndns]''​ section of your ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]/​[[config:​modopts.ini]]''​ file.
 +The following options/​keys are supported:
 +  * ''​mx=//<​hostname>//''​
 +  * ''​ip=//<​ip_address>//''​
 +  * ''​ip6=//<​ipv6_address>//''​
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[:​module:​|Modules]]   * [[:​module:​|Modules]]

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