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 | @S | SExPOTS connection info\\ "@S <​Type>​ connection detected at <​Number>​ bps" | | @S | SExPOTS connection info\\ "@S <​Type>​ connection detected at <​Number>​ bps" |
 | @W | WIP support detected (Obsolete)\\ "@W DC-TERM"​ | | @W | WIP support detected (Obsolete)\\ "@W DC-TERM"​ |
-| C  | Chat function ​                           +| C  | Chat function\\ "​C ​ <​Alias>​ paged sysop for chat"​\\ "​C ​ <​Alias1>​ paged <​Alias2>​ on node <​Number>​ to private chat"​\\ "​C ​ <​Alias1>​ sent telegram to <​Alias2>​ #<​Number>"​\\ "​C ​ <​Alias1>​ sent message to <​Alias2>​ on node <​Number>:"​\\ "​C ​ <​Alias>​ sent message to all nodes" ​
-| D! | Attempted download ​                      ​+| D! | Attempted download\\ "D! <​Alias>​ attempted to download <​Filename>​ (<​SizeWithCommas>​) from <​LibName>​ <​DirName>"​\\ "D! <​Alias>​ attempted to download QWK packet"​\\ "D! <​Alias>​ attempted to download attached file: <​FileName>" ​
-| D- | Download ​                                ​+| D- | Download\\ "D- <​Alias>​ downloaded <​FileName>​ from <​LibName>​ <​DirName>"​\\ "D- <​Alias>​ downloaded QWK packet"​\\ "D- <​Alias>​ downloaded attached file: <​FileName>" ​
-| E  | Read E-mail ​                             +| E  | Read E-mail\\ "​E ​ <​Alias>​ read sent mail"​\\ "​E ​ <​Alias>​ read mail"​\\ "​E ​ <​Alias>​ forwarded mail to <​ToAlias>​ #<​Number>"​ (changed in 3.17a to be an E+ message) ​
-| E! | E-mail error                             ​+| E! | E-mail error "E! <​Alias>​ duplicate e-mail attempt (<​SMBError>​)" ​
-| E+ | Sent E-mail ​                             |+| E+ | Sent E-mail\\ "E+ <​Alias>​ forwarded mail to <​ToAlias>​ #<​Number>"​\\ "E+ <​Alias>​ bulk-mailed <​ToAlias>​ #<​Number>"​\\ "E+ <​Alias>​ sent e-mail to <​ToAlias>​ #<​Number>"​\\ "E+ <​Alias>​ sent QWK e-mail to <​ToAlias>​ #<​Number>" ​|
 | E- | Deleted E-mail (Obsolete) ​               | | E- | Deleted E-mail (Obsolete) ​               |
-| EN | Sent NetMail ​                            ​+| EN | Sent NetMail\\ "EN <​Alias>​ sent NetMail file attachment to <To> (<​FIDOAddr>​)"​\\ "EN <​Alias>​ sent NetMail to <To> (<​FIDOAddr>​)"​\\ "EN <​Alias>​ sent NetMail to <To> (<​FIDOAddr>​) via QWK"\\ "EN <​Alias>​ sent NetMail to <To> @<​FIDOAddr>​ via QWK"\\ "EN <​Alias>​ sent Internet Mail to <​Name>​ (<​Address>​)"​\\ "EN <​Alias>​ sent QWK NetMail to <To> (<​FullAddress>​)"  ​
-| L! | Log already exists (possible crash) ​     | +| L! | Log already exists (possible crash)\\ "L! <​Hours>:<​Minutes> ​ <​WeekDay>​ <​Month>​ <​DayOfMonth>​ <​Year> ​ End of preexisting log entry (possible crash)" ​     | 
-| M+ | Moved message ​                           +| M+ | Moved message\\ "M+ <​Alias>​ moved message from <​GroupName>​ <​SubName>​ to <​GroupName>​ <​SubName>" ​
-| N  | New user begins application ​             +| N  | New user begins application\\ "​N ​ New User: <​Alias>" ​
-| N! | New user fails application ​              ​+| N! | New user fails application\\ "N! New user locked node logon attempt"​\\ "N! NUP Attempted: '<​Attempt>'"​\\ "N! Warning: same IP address as user #<​Number>​ <​Alias>"​\\ "N! Couldn'​t figure out password."​\\ "N! <​Alias>​ failed magic word: '<​AttemptedWord>'"​\\ "N! Aborted feedback" ​
-| N+ | New user finishes application ​           +| N+ | New user finishes application\\ "N+ Successful new user logon" ​
-| P! | Posting error                            +| P! | Posting error\\ "P! <​Alias>​ duplicate message attempt in <​GroupName>​ <​SubName>​ (<​SMBError>​)"​\\ "P! !Filtering QWK message from <​From>​ due to age: <​Number>​ days"​\\ "P! !Filtering QWK message from <​From>​ due to blocked IP: <​IPAddress>"​\\ "P! !Filtering QWK message from <​From>​ due to blocked hostname: <​HostName>"​\\ "P! !Filtering QWK message from <​From>​ due to filtered subject: <​Subject>"​\\ "P! <​Alias>:​ Invalid QWK conference number <​Number>"​\\ "P! Attempted to post QWK message on non-QWKnet sub"\\ "P! QWK Post attempted"​\\ "P! QWK Networked post attempted"​\\ "P! QWK Private post attempt"​\\ "P! !Filtering QWK post from <​From>​ to <To> on <​GroupName>​ <​SubName>" ​
-| P+ | Posted message ​                          ​+| P+ | Posted message\\ "P+ <​Alias>​ posted on <​GroupName>​ <​SubName>"​\\ "P+ <​Alias>​ posted QWK message on <​GroupName>​ <​SubName>" ​
-| P- | Removed message ​                         +| P- | Removed message\\ "P- <​Alias>​ removed post from <​GroupName>​ <​SubName>" ​
-| Q! | QWK error                                +| Q! | QWK error\\ "Q! <​Filename>​ renamed to <​Filename>​.<​HexNumber>​.bad"​\\ "Q! Invalid conference number <​Number>" ​
-| S! | Sysop security error                     ​+| S! | Sysop security error\\ "S! Remote sysop access disabled"​\\ "S! <​Alias>​ #<​Number>​ System password attempt: '<​Attempted>'​\\ "S! <​Alias>​ #<​Number>​ System password verification failure" ​
-| S+ | Sysop enabling function ​                 +| S+ | Sysop enabling function\\ "S+ <​Alias>​ read all mail"​\\ "S+ Changed into <​Alias>​ #<​Number>" ​
-| S- | Sysop disabling function ​                ​+| S- | Sysop disabling function\\ "S- Removed Node Lock" ​
-| T- | Read text file                           ​+| T- | Read text file\\ "T- <​Alias>​ read text file: <​File>" ​
-| U! | Attempted upload ​                        ​+| U! | Attempted upload\\ "U! Attempted to upload REP packet"​\\ "U! <​Alias>​ attempted to upload <​FileName>​ to <​LibName>​ <​DirName>​ (Not received)"​\\ "U! <​Alias>​ attempted to upload <​FileName>​ to <​LibName>​ <​DirName>​ (<​Number>​ Errors)"​\\ "U! <​Alias>​ attempted to upload <​FileName>​ to <​LibName>​ <​DirName>​ (Zero length)" ​
-| U+ | Upload ​                                  ​+| U+ | Upload\\ "U+ Uploaded REP packet"​\\ "U+ <​Alias>​ uploaded <​FileName>​ to <​LibName>​ <​DirName>" ​
-| U- | Removed Upload ​                          ​+| U- | Removed Upload\\ "U- <​Alias>​ removed <​FileName>​ to <​LibName>​ <​DirName>" ​
-| X- | External program execution ​              ​|+| X- | External program execution\\ "X- <​Alias>​ running external program: <​Name>" ​|
 To view today'​s caller log, hit '​L'​ from the WFC screen or ";​LOG"​ from the To view today'​s caller log, hit '​L'​ from the WFC screen or ";​LOG"​ from the

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