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Log File Line Type Specifiers

Each line in the daily caller log has a line type specifier (the first 2 characters). The specifiers and their descriptions follow:

(Two spaces) Extra log info (bbs.log_str() and credit ↔ minute conversion)
!! Critical error
!% User expired
“!% <Alias> Expired” (obsolete format)
“!% <Alias> #<Number> Expired”
!* User auto-deleted
“!* Auto-Deleted <Alias> #<Number>“
”!* Purged <Alias> #<Number>”
!: Ran event
“!: Run node daily event”
“!: Ran system daily maintenance”
“!: Ran system daily event”
!= New day for statistics
“!= New Day - Prev: <Time String>” (Not seen in .log files)
$+ Gained credits
“$+ Credit Adjustment: <Number>
$- Lost credits
“$- Credit Adjustment: -<Number>
*+ Gained minutes
“Minute Adjustment: <Number>”
*- Lost minutes (Obsolete)
+! Logon error (Note, these lines have two spaces on either side of the 25-char alias field)
”+! (<FourDigitNumber>) <AliasSpacePaddedTo25Chars> FAILED Password attempt: '<Password>'”
“+! (<FourDigitNumber>) <AliasSpacePaddedTo25Chars> FAILED Password attempt”
“+! (<FourDigitNumber>) <AliasSpacePaddedTo25Chars> FAILED Password: '<CorrectPassword>' Attempt: '<Password>'”
“+! (<FourDigitNumber>) <AliasSpacePaddedTo25Chars> Insufficient node access”
“+! (<FourDigitNumber>) <AliasSpacePaddedTo25Chars> Locked node logon attempt”
“+! (<FourDigitNumber>) <AliasSpacePaddedTo25Chars> Out of logons”
“+! (<FourDigitNumber>) <AliasSpacePaddedTo25Chars> Unsuccessful logon”
“+! (<FourDigitNumber>) <AliasSpacePaddedTo25Chars> On two nodes at the same time”
“+! (<FourDigitNumber>) <AliasSpacePaddedTo25Chars> Unknown User '<Alias>'”
++ Logon
>> Minute adjustment
@ Modem connection established
@! Modem error
@+ Additional connection information
@- Modem connection terminated
@* Caller-ID information
@H HTML term support detected
@R RIP support detected
@S SExPOTS connection info
@W WIP support detected (Obsolete)
C Chat function
D! Attempted download
D- Download
E Read E-mail
E! E-mail error
E+ Sent E-mail
E- Deleted E-mail (Obsolete)
EN Sent NetMail
L! Log already exists (possible crash)
M+ Moved message
N New user begins application
N! New user fails application
N+ New user finishes application
P! Posting error
P+ Posted message
P- Removed message
Q! QWK error
S! Sysop security error
S+ Sysop enabling function
S- Sysop disabling function
T- Read text file
U! Attempted upload
U+ Upload
U- Removed Upload
X- External program execution

To view today's caller log, hit 'L' from the WFC screen or “;LOG” from the main menu. Yesterday's caller log can be viewed by hitting 'Y' at the WFC screen, or “;YLOG” from the main menu. The log files are stored in the DATA\LOGS directory with a file for each day named in the format: MMDDYY.LOG.

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