Synchronet v3.18b-Win32 (install) has been released (Sept-2020).

Synchronet v3.19a, now under development, requires libarchive-dev to build successfully.

You can donate to the Synchronet project using PayPal.


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 This is the [[wp>​Wiki|Wiki]] for everything related to [[http://​​|Synchronet]] BBS Software. This is the [[wp>​Wiki|Wiki]] for everything related to [[http://​​|Synchronet]] BBS Software.
-  * Not sure what a BBS is? [[https://​​watch?​v=JWdr4zeE3JU|This video]] provides a good introduction. And [[https://​​en_us/​article/​kzm4j3/​the-lost-art-of-warez|this video!]]. [[https://​​technology/​archive/​2016/​11/​the-lost-civilization-of-dial-up-bulletin-board-systems/​506465/​|This article]] is a good read. +Not sure what a BBS is? 
- +  * Videos: 
-  * Not sure //why// you should BBS? [[wiki:​user:​digital_man#​Why BBS?|This blog post]] provides some reasons why.+      - [[https://​​watch?​v=JWdr4zeE3JU|Lon.TV: Retro Review - Computer Bulletin Board ( BBS ) Systems]] 
 +      - [[https://​​en_us/​article/​kzm4j3/​the-lost-art-of-warez|VICE: The Lost Art of Warez]] 
 +      - [[https://​​watch?​v=RvhLK8Mbw_g|34C3:​ BBSs and early Internet access in the 1990ies]] 
 +      - [[https://​​watch?​v=n0OwGSX2IiQ|Al'​s Geek Lab: Back to the BBS]] 
 +  * Articles: 
 +    - [[https://​​technology/​archive/​2016/​11/​the-lost-civilization-of-dial-up-bulletin-board-systems/​506465/​|The Atlantic: The Lost Civilization of Dial-Up Bulletin Board Systems]] 
 +    - [[|How-to Geek: Remember BBSesHere’s How You Can Visit One Today]] 
 +    - [[wiki:​user:​digital_man#​Why BBS?|digital man: Why BBS?]]
 ===== About Synchronet ===== ===== About Synchronet =====

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