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howto:systemd [2022/05/07 20:25]
Andre systemd shouldn't be capitalized. Added a section for people to find their existing service file. Minor formatting fix to "tweaks" section.
howto:systemd [2022/06/27 14:02]
nelgin [Ubuntu 16.04+] added LimitNOFILE and LimitCORE
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   Type=forking   Type=forking
   Environment=SBBSROOT=/​sbbs SBBSCTRL=/​sbbs/​ctrl   Environment=SBBSROOT=/​sbbs SBBSCTRL=/​sbbs/​ctrl
 +  # this stops your running out of files
 +  LimitNOFILE=10000
 +  # this enables you to take a good core dump
 +  LimitCORE=infinity
   User=sbbs   User=sbbs
   Group=sbbs   Group=sbbs

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