Synchronet v3.18b-Win32 (install) has been released (Sept-2020).

Synchronet v3.19a, now under development, requires libarchive-dev to build successfully.

You can donate to the Synchronet project using PayPal.


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 ====== Get Technical Support ====== ====== Get Technical Support ======
 +===== TL;DR =====
 +If you're trying to get Synchronet technical support via //e-mail//, //​YouTube//,​ //​Facebook//,​ //Reddit//, //​Discord//,​ or any other social media/​discussion group not specifically listed here, **you'​re doing it wrong**. Please go [[https://​​page=001-forum.ssjs&​sub=sync|here]] instead or read on. :-)
 +If you're trying to file a bug report or request a new feature in Synchronet, go [[https://​​main/​sbbs/​-/​issues|here]].
 ===== Overview ===== ===== Overview =====
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 |[[network:​DOVE-Net]] ​    ​|[[http://​​msgs/​msgs.ssjs?​msg_sub=sync|Synchronet Discussion]],​ Synchronet Sysops, and [[http://​​msgs/​msgs.ssjs?​msg_sub=syncprog|Synchronet Programming]]| |[[network:​DOVE-Net]] ​    ​|[[http://​​msgs/​msgs.ssjs?​msg_sub=sync|Synchronet Discussion]],​ Synchronet Sysops, and [[http://​​msgs/​msgs.ssjs?​msg_sub=syncprog|Synchronet Programming]]|
-|[[network:​USENET]] ​      ​|''​[[https://​​forum/#​!forum/​alt.bbs.synchronet|alt.bbs.synchronet]]''​|+|[[network:​USENET]] ​      ​|''​[[http://​​forum/#​!forum/​alt.bbs.synchronet|alt.bbs.synchronet]]''​|
 |[[network:​FidoNet ]]     ​|SYNCHRONET,​ SYNC_SYSOPS,​ and SYNC_PROGRAMMING| |[[network:​FidoNet ]]     ​|SYNCHRONET,​ SYNC_SYSOPS,​ and SYNC_PROGRAMMING|
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 This isn't to say we require excessive use of "​please and thank you", just don't abuse us. This isn't to say we require excessive use of "​please and thank you", just don't abuse us.
 +==== Use proper Copy and Paste ====
 +If you're providing textual information (e.g. error messages, log entries, configuration file contents), paste a copy of the relevant **text**, not a //​photograph//​ of the text.
 ==== Use proper spelling and grammar ==== ==== Use proper spelling and grammar ====

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