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howto:door:lord [2014/07/08 00:41]
jas hud woops, forgot start.bat has %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 in the lord.exe command line ; I've always known people to add NORIP to start.bat either works
howto:door:lord [2018/06/14 13:32] (current)
digital man [SCFG Settings] Added "Use Shell to Execute" setting (Yes).
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   Execution Requirements   Execution Requirements
   Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes   Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes
-  Intercept ​Standard ​I/O     ​No +  Intercept I/O              No 
-  Native ​(32-bit) ​Executable No+  Native Executable ​         No 
 +  Use Shell to Execute ​      Yes
   Modify User Data           No   Modify User Data           No
   Execute on Event           No   Execute on Event           No
 +  Pause After Execution ​     No
   BBS Drop File Type         ​GAP ​            ​DOOR.SYS   BBS Drop File Type         ​GAP ​            ​DOOR.SYS
   Place Drop File In         Node Directory   Place Drop File In         Node Directory

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