Synchronet v3.17b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2019).

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Why don't DOS programs (e.g. editors, door games) run on my Windows Vista or Windows 7 32-bit system?

There are 2 new requirements for 16-bit DOS programs to work under Synchronet-Win32 on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit):

  1. You must have SBBSEXEC.DLL rev 38 or later (this is included in SBBS v3.14a).
  2. You must copy SBBSEXEC.DLL to your Windows System32 folder.


Why won't DOS programs won't run on my 64-bit Windows system?

Microsoft does not include Virtual DOS Machine (NTVDM) support in their 64-bit operating systems. Synchronet for Windows relies on NTVDM for 16-bit DOS program support, so you need to either run a 32-bit Windows (e.g. re-install, use dual-boot, or run in a Virtual Machine) or forgo DOS programs on your BBS.

External Popup

How do I keep external programs (doors) from popping up windows and stealing the keyboard/mouse focus?

Check SBBSCTRL:Telnet->Configure->Minimize Externals or add XTRN_MINIMIZED to the Options key of the [BBS] section of your sbbs.ini file.

Socket I/O

Why do external programs that use socket I/O (e.g. Synchronet Blackjack, Synchronet BBS List, DoorMUD, SEXYZ) not work on my BBS?

Some “security” software (e.g. firewall and anti-virus programs) will interfere with the inheritance of socket descriptors between processes. One such program is the ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Another is NOD32. I don't know if this is an intentional security “feature” or a design flaw. If you have this (or similar) software installed, it may need to be disabled or completely un-installed for socket inheritance to work again.

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