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 Rename/move or delete your ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]/​cryptlib.key''​ file. Rename/move or delete your ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]/​cryptlib.key''​ file.
 +If you're using TLS for your other [[server:​|Synchronet servers (e.g. web, mail, ftp, etc.)]], you may also need to rename/move or delete your ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]/​ssl.cert''​ file.
 +These files (''​cryptlib.key''​ and ''​ssl.cert''​) are encrypted with the Synchronet //system password//, so if the system password is changed then these files must also be regenerated. The files are automatically recreated by //sbbs// upon startup if they do not already exist.
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[:​server:​|Servers]]   * [[:​server:​|Servers]]

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