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   * Latest successfully built code (nightly): ''​[[ftp://​​Synchronet/​sbbs_src.tgz|sbbs_src.tgz]]''​   * Latest successfully built code (nightly): ''​[[ftp://​​Synchronet/​sbbs_src.tgz|sbbs_src.tgz]]''​
   * Latest release (v3.16c) ''​[[ftp://​​Synchronet/​ssrc316c.tgz|ssrc316c.tgz]]''​   * Latest release (v3.16c) ''​[[ftp://​​Synchronet/​ssrc316c.tgz|ssrc316c.tgz]]''​
 +===== Style ===== 
 +At this time, the Synchronet C/C++ source code consists of a variety of styles (i.e. naming, white-space,​ etc.). The most obvious distinction in style is that //older// code uses a more condensed/​terse style (i.e. for maximum content in an 80x25 terminal) while //newer// or refactored code uses a more verbose/​readable style. A project-wide source code beautification effort (using ''​uncrustify''​) is planned.
 +==== Tabs ====
 +The tab character (ASCII 9) is used for indentation and alignment in most files (e.g. ''​*.c,​ *.cpp, *.h, *.js''​),​ however the use of tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment is also acceptable. Using spaces for indentation is not acceptable.
 +Most Synchronet source files are created and edited using text editors configured for 4-space tab-stops. This tab preference is reflected in the "​ 4" and "​@format.use-tabs true" blurb in each file's header-comment block as well as the ''​[[http://​|.editorconfig]]''​ file found in the Synchronet ''​src''​ and ''​[[dir:​exec]]''​ directories. If you use a text viewer or editor that supports the ''​.editorconfig''​ file or [[http://​​ptsc_hdr.html|PT/​SC (@format...) headers]], the Synchronet source files should display and edit as intended, automatically.
 +=== Vim ===
 +If you use the [[https://​​|Vim]] text editor, consider installing [[https://​​scripts/​script.php?​script_id=4122|this plugin]] to enable support for the PT/SC headers found in Synchronet source files, to automatically set the tab-stops accordingly when editing Synchronet source files.
 +==== C99 ====
 +Most of the C/C++ source code is built using only compilers support C99 and newer standards, however some libraries (e.g. ''​xpdev''​),​ are still built using older (Borland) C compilers that do not support the full C99 standard. For those Synchronet libraries, care must be taken to *not* use newer C language constructs and standard library functions/​types.
 ===== Run-time files ===== ===== Run-time files =====
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   * ''​sbbs_run.tgz''​ [[ftp://​​Synchronet/​sbbs_run.tgz|ftp]] [[http://​​Synchronet/​sbbs_run.tgz|http]]   * ''​sbbs_run.tgz''​ [[ftp://​​Synchronet/​sbbs_run.tgz|ftp]] [[http://​​Synchronet/​sbbs_run.tgz|http]]
   * ''​''​ [[ftp://​​Synchronet/​|ftp]] [[http://​​Synchronet/​|http]]   * ''​''​ [[ftp://​​Synchronet/​|ftp]] [[http://​​Synchronet/​|http]]
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====

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