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ctrl/sbbsecho.ini is the default configuration filename used by SBBSecho version 3. While other configuration filenames may be passed-to and used-by SBBSecho, the format must be the same .ini format and only one configuration file may be used per invocation of SBBSecho or echocfg.

The default sbbsecho.ini file can be downloaded from CVS here.


You can edit the sbbsecho.ini file by hand using any text editor or, preferably, use the echocfg utility.

NOTE: Not all values in the sbbsecho.ini file may be viewable or modifiable via echocfg.


All of the supported .ini sections and keys are documented here.

Root Section

Most of the SBBSecho configuration settings are defined in the Root Section of the sbbsecho.ini file.

General/Global settings

Key Default Value Description
Inbound ../fido/nonsecure Directory where SBBSecho will look for non-secured inbound files
SecureInbound ../fido/inbound Directory where SBBSecho will look for secured inbound files
Outbound ../fido/outbound Directory where SBBSecho will place outbound files
AreaFile ../data/areas.bbs File where SBBSecho will load FTN-attached message areas from
BadAreaFile ../data/badareas.lst File where SBBSecho will write the names/tags of unlinked areas for which it has received echomail
LogFile ../data/sbbsecho.log Log filename
LogTimeFormat %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S Time-stamp format used in the log file
TempDirectory ../temp/sbbsecho Directory where SBBSecho will create temporary/in-process files
OutgoingSemaphore Semaphore file SBBSecho will touch when creating outbound files
LogLevel Informational Minimum severity of log messages written to the log file
StripLineFeeds false Strip line-feed (ASCII 10) characters from exported messages
BinkleyStyleOutbound true Mail-style is Binkley/FLO style
BsyTimeout 12 hours Time-out on .bsy files
BsoLockAttempts 60 Number of attempts to lock a BSO for a node
BsoLockDelay 10 seconds Delay between BSO lock attempts
UseFTNDomains false Domain->zone mapping defined in ctrl/ftn_domains.ini
StrictPacketPasswords true Packets with passwords must match the corresponding configured/linked node password
RelayFilteredMsgs false Messages that are filtered (e.g. due to age) will be relayed to downlinks
umask 077 File creation mode (for *nix only)
AreaFileBackups 100 Number of Area File backups to maintain (for Area Manager modifications)
Key Default Value Description
BundleSize 250K Outgoing bundles (archive), maximum file size
PacketSize 250K Outgoing packets, maximum file size
CheckPathsForDupes true Check PATH kludge lines for circular messages
SecureEchomail false Only imported echomail from linked nodes
EchomailNotify true Send telegrams to BBS users when EchoMail is received for them
ConvertTearLines false Convert any tear lines () existing in the message text to ===
TruncateBundles false Truncate rather than delete outbound bundles after being sent
ZoneBlind false Assume that node numbers are not duplicated across zones
ZoneBlindThreshold 65535 Zone numbers less than this will be considered blind
AreaAddFromEcholistsOnly false Allow echoes to be AreaFix-added from Additional EchoLists only (not Area File)
AutoAddSubs true Automatically add new Sub-boards within linked Message Groups to the Area File
MaxEchomailAge 60 days Age limit (in days) of EchoMail messages that may be imported (0 = no limit)
AreaManager SYSOP BBS user name or alias to notify (via email) of AreaFix activities and errors
Key Default Value Description
DefaultRecipient Name of the user account you wish to receive inbound NetMail messages that have been addressed to an unrecognized user name or alias
SysopAliasList SYSOP Comma-separated list of names by which the sysop (user #1) may receive NetMail messages
FuzzyNetmailZones false Use local AKAs to determine source zone information when missing
IgnoreNetmailDestAddr false Treat all NetMail as though it is destined for one of your systems's FTN addresses
IgnoreNetmailSentAttr false Export NetMail messages even when their 'Sent' attribute flag is set
IgnoreNetmailRecvAttr false Import NetMail messages even when their 'Received' attribute flag is set
IgnoreNetmailLocalAttr false Import NetMail messages even when their 'Local' attribute flag is set
KillEmptyNetmail true Discard (not import or export) NetMail messages without any body
DeleteNetmail true Delete NetMail messages/files after they have been sent or imported
DeletePackets true Delete packets after they've been imported
MaxNetmailAge 0 Age limit (in days) of NetMail messages that may be imported (0 = no limit)

Archive Sections

Each Archive Section has a prefix of “archive:” and the name of the archive type (e.g. “ZIP”) following the prefix.

Key Default Value Description
SigOffset 0 Signature offset (in bytes)
Sig Signature (in hexadecimal)
Pack Archive creation (pack) command-line (with Synchronet command-line specifiers)
Unpack Archive extraction (unpack) command-line (with Synchronet command-line specifiers)


        SigOffset = 0
        Sig = 504B
        Pack = %@zip -jD %f %s
        Unpack = %@unzip -ojC %f -d %s

Node Sections

Each Linked-Node Section has a prefix of “node:” with the FTN address of the node following the prefix.

Key Default Value Description
PacketType 2+ Type of packets to generate for this node (2+, 2e, 2.2, or 2)
PacketPwd Password used in password-protected packets
AreaFixPwd Password required for AreaFix/AreaMgr operations
TicFilePwd Password required for TIC files (used by tickit.js)
Comment Personal comment about this node
Inbox Optional filebox for incoming files (correlates with BinkD's ibox setting)
Outbox Optional filebox for outgoing files (correlates with BinkD's obox setting)
Keys List of keys (comma-separated) which enable AreaFix access to one or more Additional EchoLists
Notify false Notify via NetMail of node's current AreaFix settings whenever SBBSecho is run with the '`-g`' option
Passive false Temporarily disable the packing and sending of EchoMail for this node
Direct false Connect to this node directly (whenever possible) when sending mail to this node
Status Normal Default mode for sending mail to this node: Normal, Hold (wait for pickup) or Crash (immediate)
Archive None Name of a configured archive type or “None”
Route FTN address (e.g. of a hub) to route all echomail and netmail destined for this node's address
GroupHub List of Message Groups (comma-separated) for which this linked node is your system's uplink (hub)

NOTE: The wildcard ALL may replace one or more fields of the configured node's FTN address. Configured node's with wildcard addresses cannot have an Inbox our Outbox set.


        Comment = My Hub
        AreafixPwd =
        PacketPwd =
        PacketType = 2+
        Archive = ZIP
        Inbox =
        Outbox =
        Passive = false
        Direct = false
        Notify = false
        Keys =
        Status = Normal
        Comment = Everyone in FidoNet Zone 1
        AreafixPwd =
        PacketPwd =
        PacketType = 2+
        Archive = ZIP
        Inbox =
        Outbox =
        Passive = false
        Direct = false
        Notify = false
        Keys =
        Status = Normal
        Route = 1:218/700        

EchoList Sections

Each Additional EchoList Section has a prefix of “echolist:” with the path/filename of the EchoList following the prefix.

Key Default Value Description
Keys List of keys (comma-separated) which enable Linked Node AreaFix access to this EchoList
Hub The FTN address of hub which provides the areas in this EchoList
Fwd false Forward AreaFix requests to hub of this EchoList?
Pwd AreaFix password to include in AreaFix requests forwarded to the hub of this EchoList

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